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Janice Heather Scott

Hi everyone, hope your 2015 has started very well.   I am going to try and post one painting a month from now on …  ‘try’ being the operative word.

This one I finished today and am pleased with it, so will sign it later.   For some reason, I seem to be veering towards pink in this work, a complete change for me. I was thinking about the sea, flotsam and jetsam on the beach, when I was making this picture – hence the title.

Hope you like – I would really appreciate some comments if you have time, or the inclination!

Beachcomber in indoor reflected sunlight


47″ x 39″

Mixed media (including pastes and heavy gels) on stretched box canvas (ready to hang)

This picture taken indoors with reflected sunlight.  The picture below is taken outdoors in natural light

Beachcomber in outdoor light

Close ups of texture

Beachcomber detail1Beachcomber detail2Becahcomber detail3Beachcomber detail4

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I'm a self taught artist. Art is my passion, I use it as a coping skill to deal with stressors. It's a great mindfulness technique. Acrylic is my medium. All of my thoughts feelings and emotions, flow through me onto the canvas. I use my art as a part of therapy, as it helps me communicate better.

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  1. I really appreciate the re-blog Sweepy! Thank you very much for your support – I’m having a look around your blog at the moment 🙂


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