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I haven’t been blogging lately but I have been keeping busy, life got in the way of painting for a minute. I was recovering from recent surgery and so was my husband. I have been painting as its my earthly passion.  Here they are enjoy. All are for sale. Email me if interested.

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Experimenting with new media. 

I experimented with India ink and used matte board which I got an assortment of at a frame shop, they are quality boards. Something new to try . I like the end result. I added a touch of acrylic yellow ochre.

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Waste not want not piece 1/17/17

This piece 9×11 I used as a pallet to mix my paint because I forgot to bring one to my abstract class, an didn’t want to waste paint, it’s so expensive as it is, so I use my painting knife and painted this “piece” lol.

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New paintings 1/18/17

These pieces were painted at my abstract class at Mark Arts Gallery.  One is 20×20 the pinkish one the rest are 9×11 which I’m not use to painting that small. I had ran out of bigger canvas lol. It’s great I feel like I’m at a studio except there are other artists around me. This is a huge step for me as I always paint alone, but I’m getting used to it and it’s a great experience. 

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New paintings 1/2/17

So I continue on my journey of my passion of painting and here I share with you some more. I will also be participating in more gallery exhibitions which I will post after the events. As usual thank you for viewing and your support.  I will be stopping by your pages and show you the same support.


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Paintings 12.31.16

12.31.16 one of which I left for exactly 20 minutes before the stroke of midnite and finished at exactly 1154 pm. I planned it this way leaving me the last 6 minutes to welcome in 2017 and thank GOD I made it through all the challenges and obstacles in my way, the times where I just wanted to give up, pack up my paintings and art supplies,  my dreams and hopes. No ! I fought back, I more than that after all my higher power created me and gave me the use of these hands to paint. So here I am today 2017 to share wit you what I created. I will be posting my first 2017 painting later on today. Thank you WordPress followers for your support.

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New paintings 2016 as of 12/21

Here are 4 of my latest newest pieces. The are all on stretched canvas. I used some molding paste, impasto style. I plan to continue painting. I had planned to paint some more tonight,  but accidentally cut my right thumb.

It should be healed by tomorrow. These pieces are not on my website on ehost, ecommerce, as of right now I cannot exceed 50 pieces, if you are interested just message me. With the pic of the piece, I will provide mesurements and pricing. Shipping is free through UPS ground. Paypal and major cards accepted.

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Posting some older paintings ..

Lately I have been just posting older pieces, I have not been as active as I would love to be. Circumstances got in the way which leday to a mental slow down, or a halt. As you know the creative side of the brain never stops, ideas are always present, they just can’t find its way to the canvas.  I see art everywhere, but the time has come to defeat the inner struggle and become one with my brush , my colors and the canvas , and paint the UNSAID. Meanwhile here are a couple of pieces I will be putting up on my website.