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I haven’t been blogging lately but I have been keeping busy, life got in the way of painting for a minute. I was recovering from recent surgery and so was my husband. I have been painting as its my earthly passion.  Here they are enjoy. All are for sale. Email me if interested.

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Experimenting with new media. 

I experimented with India ink and used matte board which I got an assortment of at a frame shop, they are quality boards. Something new to try . I like the end result. I added a touch of acrylic yellow ochre.

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Waste not want not piece 1/17/17

This piece 9×11 I used as a pallet to mix my paint because I forgot to bring one to my abstract class, an didn’t want to waste paint, it’s so expensive as it is, so I use my painting knife and painted this “piece” lol.

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New paintings 1/18/17

These pieces were painted at my abstract class at Mark Arts Gallery.  One is 20×20 the pinkish one the rest are 9×11 which I’m not use to painting that small. I had ran out of bigger canvas lol. It’s great I feel like I’m at a studio except there are other artists around me. This is a huge step for me as I always paint alone, but I’m getting used to it and it’s a great experience. 

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New paintings 1/2/17

So I continue on my journey of my passion of painting and here I share with you some more. I will also be participating in more gallery exhibitions which I will post after the events. As usual thank you for viewing and your support.  I will be stopping by your pages and show you the same support.


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